It's like wearing red lipstick. I don't wear it often, but when I see it worn I feel a boldness to buy some and try it. It always catches my eye, in person, in print, or online. A great red definitely gives a statement that says strong, stylish, even glamourous.  Oddly enough, I woke up this morning thinking about red lipstick. This is coming from a girl who rarely wears lipstick of any color, mostly lip balm, and every so often tinted lip gloss.

Lately I've been hanging out with some wild women. Even typing that last sentence made me stop and laugh. Mostly because I know it is true. One of my teachers during this season of life has an actual mohawk. She wears it as a mark of her place as a warrior. And, I think I love her more because of it. One of my very first outings with her I asked about safety as I enter into becoming an abolitionist. I told her I wanted to live freely, but needed to consider safety for the sake of my four children. I had seriously considered a freedom fighter was designated for those who were single and child free. I fully expected this to be her answer to my question. It wasn't. Her response was simple. Enter in and try it for six months. If at the end of six months you are still alive then you will know more about your safety. 


Thankfully, It has been more than six months. 

This last year has taught me something important. I had wanted to act in faith like the wild women I was around, but didn't. I wanted my faith to be used up. I wanted to be useful for the kingdom. And, in many ways I was useful, but my usefulness rarely needed me to have faith. And more, I had a steady stream of excuses as to why I should stay in my comfortable lane. 

Most of my excuses circled around fear and protection for the four I am raising. In the last year of working to free trafficked women I realized my kids have not only been safe, but they are learning how to live. I may not have a mohawk, still they see a boldness of Spirit in me. 

What I thought I was doing to protect them was actually hurting them. If we as parents live a life that does not require faith, even in an effort to protect our kids, how will they learn to live their faith? If we continue we will be raising a generation that only knows how to care for themselves. In my work I walk alongside people who are messy. Their stories, language, and lifestyle are very different from ours. For a while I was afraid of that. If we try to protect them from different we risk raising kids, a generation, that is scared of the lost or hurting. Instead let's link together and raise a generation of kids who understand the ministry of rescue. Because it's the very ministry that Jesus lived as he came and rescued us.  

No more excuses to not wear red. 

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