The year I


the year I was described as bad a
the year that marked my heart for women in my city
the year that took my brother's life
the year I became a board member
the year I received a word about McDonalds
the year The Holy Spirit strengthened me
the year I bought groceries once a month for the month
the year I mentored hard
the year Ronel's adoption became final
the year we road tripped to NYC*
the year we celebrated 17 years married
the year I did not write
the year I went to Passion, Hillsong NYC, and Taylor Swift
the year teenager wins majority in our house
the year I felt brave
the year my face broke out
the year we planted a second church


the year I am so excited for
the year I feel the need to document
the year we release For Her
the year I will read more books
the year I will write
the year I will not fear
the year that feels like a present
the year three people have dreamed me pregnant**

Amuse me. Share one or two sentences for your 2013 + 2014.

*related: the year we were thisclose to crazy road tripping with a toddler.
**measures have been taken for this to never happen again, people stop dreaming this dream. grin.

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  1. Good stuff. I'm in. Give me a bit.

  2. 2013: The year that was marked by intense struggles, but also moments of happiness. 2014: The year I use what I learned in 2013.

  3. excited about what 2014 holds for you!

  4. 2013 - The year of many blessings. The year my career turned out to be too much todo and not enough tada! 2014 - The year of autumn!