Looking Back

So, I went to an amazing party. I should tell you that a wood fire oven was brought in to make the most delicious pizzas. I had three pieces of one called Porky. Yes, you wanted to know. And in case that wasn't enough, a mariachi band made the party a complete success. I loved all the food and fun but was stopped in my tracks when Missie began telling me some of her story.

This woman, Missie, preaches with her life. As soon as you know her you know you want to know her more. You get this? You know a Missie, I hope. I stood listening to her as she stared into my eyes while sharing about her husband dying, raising her downright amazing daughters (I happen to know them too), and the way God cared for her. I stopped her only to say that I wished I had a podcast and podcast listeners so that All The People could hear her telling. 

At one point she told me a specific portion of story that she only remembered when looking back. 

How could she possibly have known I am currently obsessed with looking back on our stories? I almost couldn't handle.

Looking Back: seeing something that has been there the 
whole time waiting to be discovered. 

This. This is the thing that stirs me up and makes my heart beat faster. Not the anxiety beat faster, no, the I-have-to-hear-more beat faster. You see, I believe we each have a story to tell. I know you've heard this before and are probably tired of it, but really. Our story, yours and mine, may seem boring. Sure. Whatever. It may not seem like all the chapters flow well. Except I am here to say they do. Could it be that we only see the bigger story in looking back? I believe The Looking Back may be the most important. Think about it.

Looking back on the defining stories in our life may help us see a single thread weaving all of them together.  

And that thread - Could it be the rescue story? What if all of the chapters of our life weave together to tell the One Big Story?  

If every story whispers his name...
If we are currently living...
Then we were created for this and at this exact time.
The purpose of your days, the living of your life, and the telling of your story...
all of it -
says who He is.

This would mean we each have a telling to tell. Telling the tell makes our party talk gospel talk. Telling makes us become preachers of the Good News. 

Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men

So, there you go. Something to think about maybe. If nothing else you know about a pizza named Porky. You're welcome. 
Here's to the Missie in all of us! 

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