Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey Anniversary

It has been one year since I was a guest on the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. It's my podcast anniversary.  

When Jamie asked me to be a guest I was honored, of course, but I was also nervous. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was actually so much fun. We laughed a lot. Especially when she asked me to share what celebrities I follow on Instagram. I do love watching celebrity news shows and am quite often made fun of for my addiction to certain celebrity reality shows. When we recorded the podcast there was apparently a list of the most followed celebs. If I remember right I didn't follow any of them. Some of them I didn't even know. The "celebs" I did/do follow was a little embarrassing to say out loud on a podcast for all of the people to hear. 

We recorded the convo over Skype so we could see each other. If we had not we would have never known we were wearing the same adoption fundraiser t shirt. It goes to show for a few wild years of bringing our kids home from Haiti, Jamie and I lived the same kind of life. Our Haitian kids all lived in the same Rescue Center while waiting to come home. We got to talk about it some on the podcast. It was so sweet to remember from this side of the story. 

In case you have yet to listen, here is the episode Happy Hour #10 with Debra Parker.  Thank you J for having such a fun podcast. And for making me sound more awesome than I am. 

Jamie and I at the IJM Global Prayer Gathering

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The One About Christian Marriage.

We all have a tendency to look within ourselves for truth.
In our arrogance, we like to believe that we can solve issues by thinking
deeply. But the Bible insists that our best thoughts don't hold a candle to
God's. So when it comes to marriage, or any issue at all, we should never
rely on our own wisdom. We cannot do better than
listening to His words. 
(You and Me Forever, pg 31) 

It is an amazing day and age to be a follower of Jesus. Each Christian woke up this morning for the specific purpose of putting the attributes of God on display. Just like Jesus did. This is what we do. This is our one turn to share The Story. And it's important.

The way we live, we talk, we forgive, we love, we act, we give, we share, we reconcile, we stand up, and we stand in for others matter. This is the taking what we preach and bringing it to life then displaying it in the way we live. 

I just finished reading a book about marriage. The first chapter was called Marriage Isn't That Great. I thought that was funny. The book however, is legit. Essentially the book is saying that Marriage has a loud voice to share the gospel. We all nod our head yes and trail off - hang with me. It's a the stage is set, lights are on, and people are watching kind of loud voice. Basically the writers say don't be a fool and waste the opportunity for the American Dream. Except once it was said like this.

Picture a house with a nice white picket
fence and your happy family lounging inside.
Now imagine a full scale war unfolding
just a few blocks away.Your friends
and neighbors are fighting for their
lives while you are remodeling your kitchen
and hanging your new big screen TV. You have contractors
installing better windows so you
can tune out all of the noise.

It's a pretty pathetic picture, but it's an appropriate comparison
for the lives that so many Christians couples
have chosen. They are ignoring Jesus' mission in
hopes of enjoying life. Don't fall for it. Real life
is found in the battle. Right now,
we have many brothers and sisters being tortured
overseas for their faith. Let's pray for them and be
encouraged by their example to enter the fight.

"For whoever would save his life will
lose it, but whoever loses his life
for my sake and the gospel's will save it."

(You and Me Forever, pg 96)

In these amazing days when marriage is the hottest of topics let Christian marriages (and Christian marriages to be) be the ones people are talking about. Not because ours are perfect but because marriage was meant to showcase the gospel. Let's stop living for ourselves, for our spouse, for a happy family, but instead be on mission together. It's about becoming imitators of Jesus. More and more every single day.

The lights are on, the stage is set.

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